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Document Scanning Services

Integrating a production scanning system into your business can be pricey depending upon your needs.  There is an alternative to this, however; if you do not wish to invest in, establish and operate your own paper or microfilm scanning and processing system, we can provide and perform such tasks for you out of our Marietta, Georgia-based  facility or on-site at your place.

We offer the following services:

- Document preparation

- Advanced scanning (Bitonal, Grayscale, Color or Multi-Stream)

- Image processing such as image clean-up, OCR/ICR/OMR and form processing

- Indexing and keying 

We have also established very strong relationships with some of the largest and most advanced high-volume service bureaus within the country as well.  Therefore, we have these additional resources at our disposal, and can offer their expertise and large scale project resources as well.

To better help us with your needs, please fill out the form below, and one of our project managers will contact you directly with information or a quote. Fields with a star (*) are required.

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About Your Request

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

1. Describe your documents. (Ex. insurance application forms, each containing approximately 4 pages)*

2. What is the size of your documents?*

3. What do you wish to scan on the document? (Check all that apply)*
Front side of document Reverse side of document

4. How many documents do you need scanned during a given time period? (Ex. 5000 documents per week for a year)* or 3 million in a month

5. How do you wish to index documents (so you can find them later)? (Ex. by invoice number, by date received, by patient last name, by last name and date, etc.)*

6. Describe of how the scanning solution will find the information so that it is indexed. (Ex. barcode on the lower left-hand corner, social security number in fill-in boxes, etc.)*

7. How will KAB get the documents? (Ex. Box of 1000 documents will be sent each week for one year) or do you prefer to perform that job for a higher price at your site*

8. In what format do you need the images? (Ex. PDF, JPEG,  TIFF , others images*

9. How will KAB deliver the scanned images and captured data to you? (Ex. CD, DVD, microfilm, upload to WS_FTP Network, etc.)*

Any additional notes you think would help us:

You can also contact us directly for more information.


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