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eStor the Web based storage and retrieval system solution to your problems


Problems, problems, we can’t move in our office because of all the filing cabinets. Paper files are everywhere, not to mention we have customer details on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets… the list is endless. Then there is the offsite storage and all the problems and costs associated with that and as you can imagine when it comes to finding a particular document, well that can take hours’’.
Does this sound familiar?
Would you like a single system where you could enter some customer details and view a list of all of their records irrespective of what type of media or file format the original document was in?
Would you like to view documents, print and email them from any workstation without having to have any special software installed?
If so, the solution is at hand………….

Welcome to eStor a truly scalable browser based document storage solution from DocStor. Whether it is a fully featured web based solution, WAN, LAN, standalone PC or perhaps you would prefer a hosted service - "My eStor" a fully maintained system including scanner and 20GB of storage space with secure web retrieval for less than US$300 per month - eStor has the right solution for you.
Sounds too good to be true………...
but there is proof that it works in the real world.
eStor provides the reliability that allows Standard Life to scan and store up to 50,000 policy documents each day with more than 1000 users accessing them.

It gives LloydsTSB Registrars instant retrieval from over 80 million stored records and provides The Royal Military Police with enough security options to store all their criminal records with confidence, it also gives the Park Row Group the flexibility which has allowed them to integrate a “Hot Key” into their existing customer desktop application with facilities to deliver stored documents directly to the users workstation without having to load a separate application. It provides Bexley Council with a robust system that has over 100 different document type templates and search profiles, each one set up for a different department within the Council.

With eStor you don’t get a shrink wrapped package that you have to make your requirements fit in with, you get a bespoke tailored solution that matches your exact requirements down to the last detail. Our technical team will provide a full and detailed consultation and build your bespoke solution to meet and deliver your business needs.
So where do you start? - Just call KAB and talk to one of our Account Managers and put the wheels in motion for a cost effective solution that will solve your document storage problems for good.



System Features
  • Open, state-of-the-art system architecture

  • Simple, user-oriented retrieval structure

  • Easy to use archive and user administration

  • Customized document types management

  • Email archiving and management

  • Record and document compliance with retention policies/planning

  • SQL, ODBC database

  • XML, XSLT technology

  • PDF plug-in

  • Licenses starting from 10 concurrent users up to Enterprise packages

  • eStorLite, the perfect DM system for large project or legal cases  


For more details on the specific functionality see below, or click here for brochure .

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