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KAB Scanning Resources - Who We Are

KAB, LLC is a document imaging system integrator with a very strong focus on providing affordable, easy to use but still very advanced paper scanning solutions for small businesses as well as large, very sophisticated scanning systems for larger enterprises and scanning service bureaus.

KAB is a business unit of KAB Systems Inc, a provider of advanced IT solution, established 1994 in Atlanta Georgia. 

KAB is the official U.S. System Integration Partner for Microform's cutting edge high-volume document scanners and microfilm systems.

Furthermore, KAB is also the official American System Integrator for Janich&Klass Computertechnic, better known as J&K Imaging.  J&K develops, manufacturers and supplies sophisticated OEM scanner hardware and software to leading and well known scanner manufacturers. J&K is most well known within the document imaging market as the developer of DpuScan, one of the most powerful document scanning software suites in the market place today based on its efficiency and price/performance ratio.

Our knowledge and expertise is built on a solid foundation of over twenty years of experience of integrating advanced IT systems, combined with the twenty years of technological expertise in the field of production scanning, development of scanner drivers, and leading document capture software of J&K Imaging.

KAB Scanning Resources - What We Do

We Listen  

Tell us about your current paper overflow problems or the inefficiency of your current scanning application, or any specific scanning, indexing, archiving or integration requirement or other office automation question you have.

We Make Recommendations and Consult   

Based upon our extensive experience with hundreds upon hundreds of installations and integration of document scanning systems, we have configured all different kind of scanners and for many different situations.  Our recommendations can save you time and money in making sure that you have the right configuration and setup.  For a more complex production scanning application with challenging image processing, capture workflow and integration tasks, we also provide a qualified application and integration consulting.

We Quote

According to your specific task requirements, we will recommend and configure the best solution based on our experience in the market and your available budget.  For a fast and immediate quote, check out our KAB Scan Station Wizard. We configure our quotes with the scanners to best match your needs with a portfolio that includes hardware from the top manufacturers such as Microform, Fijtsu, Bell+Howell, Canon, InoTec, Kodak, Panasonic and Ricoh.

We Configure and Install

According to the project requirements and parameters, we pre-configure, test for quality and performance and install and integrate our scan stations at the customer’s site.

We Train Your Staff

Our qualified trainers will train your staff on site (both scan operators and system administrators) to use and maintain the production scanning stations and applications with the utmost efficiency. 

We Support
We provide systems assistance for all application questions in a market unique fashion and quality.


KAB Scanning Resources - What We Provide

Advanced, but affordable, paper scanning solutions for small businesses Advanced, but affordable, paper scanning solutions for small businesses
For the business new to document scanning and its advantages, we have created the KAB Scan Station Wizard™ to provide you with some unbiased scanning system choices to help you find the best fit for your unique situation.

Powerful and efficient front-end document scanning solution provides high quality images for further use by any form processing, document management and workflow system
Powerful and efficient front-end document scanning solution provides high quality images for further use by any form processing, document management and workflow system

All existing image processing software such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Individual Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), form processing or document management (DMS), workflow and vertical application systems have some kind of scanning software to add documents to the application.  Typically, these basic software applications provide limited functionality in terms of how you scan, improve the image quality and store these documents.   

Since our scanning software is based on more than fifteen years of paper production scanning experience, we are able to scan and process large amounts  of documents in a much higher efficiency and quality to such systems. With our existing Open-Up-Load interface technology, we are able to connect and integrate with all known systems in the DMS market today.  In addition, with our ACDP (Advanced Color Document Processing) technology, we have the most powerful and cutting edge color scanning software on the market today.

In addition, for high-volume scanning applications with highly labor intensive indexing and data capture (keying), we evaluate and provide sophisticated, automated document content extraction as a front-end turnkey solution for structured, semi-structured and even unstructured documents.

Advanced document scanning and processing service
Advanced document scanning and processing service

If you do not want to invest in, establish and operate your own paper or microfilm scanning and processing system, we can provide and perform such tasks for you out of our Marietta, Georgia-based facility.

We can provide the following scanning services:


- Document preparation

- Advanced scanning (Bitonal, Grayscale, Color or Multi-Stream)

- Image processing such as image clean-up, OCR/ICR/OMR and form processing

- Indexing and keying 

- Microfilm and microfiche services (paper to film or film to image file)

- Complete mailroom service (We are your P.O. Box and deliver the scanned and indexed mail to your company)

KAB Scanning Resources - News

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March 25, 2008 

KAB exhibits at the Georgia Governmental Purchaser Convention


October 7, 2007  KAB Scanning Resources White Paper/Research Study

KAB exhibits with Microform at the ARMA Show in Baltimore, MD, introducing Microform's new Microfilm Processor / Developer


December 29, 2008

KAB wins a CH2M Hill challenging document capture contract for the Department of Environmental Health of the Gwinnett County, GA



KAB Scanning Resources - Employment



There are no positions available at this time.  If you wish to be considered for future opportunities, please contact us or send your resume and cover letter.  Please, no phone calls regarding employment.

KAB Scanning Resources - Contact Us

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Official North American Distribution and Systems Partner of J&K Imaging

Kodak Authorized Imaging Reseller of Kodak Scanners

Bell + Howell Scanner Reseller

Canon Scanner Reseller

AGFA Scanner Reseller microform

Ricoh Scanner Reseller

Panasonic Scanner Reseller

Fujitsu VAR Force Member Scanner Reseller

InoTec Scamax Scanner Reseller


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