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In today's business environment leasing has excellent advantages. KAB is pleased to offer leasing options for our entire line of high-production scanning and micrographic equipment eliminating the need for a large initial investment  or impacting available credit lines. 

Enjoy all of the advantages of a KAB/EquiCapital Equipment Lease... KAB supplies the scanning and micrographic equipment and accessories from the industry's top manufacturers, and EquiCapital provides a finance plan that is fast, easy and preserves your assets.

Select your equipment and EquiCapital can give you a leasing quote on-the-spot. and help you consider your options.

Payments are made for up to 36 months. At the end of the lease period, you can purchase the equipment for only $1.00, 10%, or using the Fair Market Value purchase option.

It's Easy!

1. Select the equipment you want to lease. Should you need additional help in selecting the equipment that is right for you, feel free to contact  a scanning specialist at KAB

2. Estimate your monthly payments. Contact an EquiCapital Leasing Consultant, toll free 866-515-1774 to answer any questions regarding the lease.

To get an approximate lease payment, multiply the dollar amount you want to lease by the lease rate factor that corresponds to the length or term and buyout you want.  As an example, prices below are for equipment costs in the range of $15,000 - $50,000.   For other leasing equipment costs, contact your EquiCapital representative. 

Buyout 24 mo. 30 mo. 36 mo.
Fair Market Value .04497 .03702 .03199
$1 .04883 .04006 .03442

Example: $35,000 lease for a 36 mo. $1 buyout lease would be $35,000 x .03442 = $1,204.70

Final payments will vary with credit strength, term, and final equipment cost!

3. There are three options to apply for a lease. 1) Apply online at www.totalease.com. 2) Download the PDF Lease application (link at right), print and fax to 866-515-2521. 3) Call EquiCapital at 866-515-1774 and one of our consultants will take all of the information over the phone. You don't even have to fill out an application.

The Process is Fast
Applications are reviewed within a few hours. When approved - usually within eight working hours of our receiving the necessary information - you will be notified  to arrange for delivery.

Documents will be emailed or sent overnight to you.

The only payment required is a 2 month lease deposit, which will be applied to the first and last payments of the lease, and a $125 application fee. This payment must be made with a check payable to EquiCapital drawn on your business account.

EquiCapital Credit Criteria
Processing an application for a lease is a credit decision in which EquiCapital tries to determine the prospective lessee's ability to meet the obligations of the lease agreement. To help EquiCapital make this decision, they look at the following types of information:

Time in Business
The business must be in operation at least two years to qualify for EquiCapital 's lease plan. EquiCapital offers special programs for New Businesses for those who have been in business less than two years.

Checking Account History
A business checking account is preferred. If you use your personal checking for business, you will need to provide a business license or two year old schedule from your tax returns.  

*All information and offers contained herewith apply to the USA only. 
Canadian Residence – please call for rates and details.


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Last updated 12.01.2015