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As per the document volume that you have chosen, we are of the opinion  that you need a very sophisticated, specialized and automated scanning solution to meet your needs.  We recommend that you contact us to further discuss your unique situation, and we can point you in the right direction to help best meet your needs.  

That being said, based on today's scanner technology you may have to perform one or more of the following actions to meet your needs:*

1. Scan using multiple scan stations, which will also  create the need for more personnel to man the stations

2. Increase the number of hours in which the scanner is running via longer work shifts during the week,  maybe even by utilizing evening or weekend time

3. Scan as a batch by purchasing or leasing a paper scanning system and devoting a specific amount of time to a one-time (or maybe even several time) batch scanning project, and either utilizing current employees to handle the task or by hiring temporary employees

* Please remember that we based assumptions on industry averages for a work week and in scanner runtime, as listed below:

Day = 1 eight hour shift

Week = 5 days or 40 hours

Month = 4 weeks or 160 hours

Year = 12 months or 1920 hours
Efficiency = 60% runtime (due to cleaning the device, feeding issues, other various downtime) 



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