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Scanner Package Recommendations

Based upon the information you provided us with, you are going to need a scan station with the following capabilities:

Scanning Mode:
Color and Bitonal (Black and White)

Document Size:
Legal/Letter Sized Documents and Below

Document Format:
Duplex (or Simplex)*

Scanner Performance Parameters:

A) Based upon Eight Hour Daily Shifts
B) Runtime Factor of 60%**

Required Scanner Performance:
Per Time Frame ppm ipm

One Hour
7,200 14,400

One Day (8 Hours)
57,600 115,200

One Week (40 Hours)
288,000 576,000

One Month (160 Hours)
1,152,000 2,304,000

One Year (1920 Hours)
13,824,000 27,648,000

Approximate Maximum Rated Speed in ppm***

Per Hour
12,000 24,000

Per Minute
200 400

Please see detailed explanations below for some terminology and definitions.

Based upon these numbers we offer the following unbiased recommendations as viable, complete scan system package options:

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3


240 PPM 400 DPI DX


160 PPM 200 DPI DX


120 PPM 300 DPI DX

MSRP: $70,000 MSRP: $85,000 MSRP: $59,000
Our Price      
$52,500 $72,250 $44,250
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Professional Capture Software

          DpuScan Gold

No Click Fees

Barcode/Patchcode Engine

Streamline Upload Export Interface

Cutting Edge Image Enhancement

Auto Indexing...and Much More

 Price $9,598

Package MSRP

$79,598 $94,598 $68,598

Our Ready to Go Package Price**


Buy Now


Buy Now


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Optional*** Services  On-site Installation, Training, Set-Up, Start Production $1,750/Day

**Ready to Go Pricing Includes: Hardware (Scanner), Software (Professional Capture Software - DpuScan Gold), Price does not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes.

***1-day On-Site Installation, Set-Up and Operator Training. is an optional service


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* As stated before in our Scan Station Wizard, we seldom recommend simplex scanners except in unique circumstances, because with a duplex scanner you have more flexibility  in setting up different scanning jobs for different type of documents. Please understand that the very specific applications that may require only a simplex scanner may save you about 10% in equipment, but cannot be covered by the parameters set by our Scan Station Wizard. We recommend that you contact our scanning specialists for further analysis and recommendation if you need a simplex scanner.

** The runtime factor takes performance reduction into account, due to routine scanner cleaning (paper dust), paper jams, double feed clearance, feeding and batch operation processes, as well as hardware and software maintenance.  Highly optimized operation may have a runtime factor of up to 85%.

*** Since the Rated Speed is not a standardized number, every scanner manufacturer showcases its own speed definition to make its scanner appear more competitive.  Therefore, to compare "apples to apples" using the KAB Scan Station Wizard, we have listed scanner recommendations where the Rated Speed is represented using the following parameters:  Letter sized documents, 200 dpi for bitonal and 150 dpi for color, listed in pages per minute (ppm), scanned in landscape format and rotated 90 degrees using DpuScan if possible (based upon the width of the scanner document feeder).  The "Approximate Rated Speed" refers to the approximate minimum rated speed you would need to meet the required performance parameters you had set using the KAB Scan Station Wizard.

DISCLAIMER - The KAB Scan Station Wizard is meant as a courtesy service to our website visitors, and it is possible that these recommendations may not meet your specific situation.  Before making any final decisions on a scan station solution, KAB highly recommends that you consult with one of our imaging professionals for a complete evaluation of your scanning needs.



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