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KAB not only offers top notch expertise in the document scanning industry, but also offers a wide selection of scanners from all of the major manufacturers.  Click one of the manufacturers' logos for a list of that manufacturer's scanners currently offered by KAB.

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High Speed Panasonic Scanners

To the right, you can sort the scanners we currently offer based upon your specified criteria.   You will be prompted to enter some information before having access to these downloadable files.  

Please heed the advice based on our experience in the industry, and take note that performance and price are not the only criteria by which you should choose the scanner that is right for you.  You must also consider the following when choosing the best scanner:

Operation Mode in Bitonal, Grayscale, Color or Multistream
Answering this question properly may save you a lot of money for the processing or the future use of your data. 


Some scanners are known to be "workhorses",  and even though their production numbers aren't as impressive on paper as other models, are built to last the rigors of a long and tough work schedule.  It depends upon your foreseen needs.

Scanner Interface
Since 1998, there is no longer a special need for a proprietary scanner interface, since SCSI technology (a $130 PCI interface) is fast enough for 99.9% of all scanner applications and every scanner manufacturer provides scanners with SCSI interfaces.

Some drivers will not allow you to operate the scanner at its ideal efficiency.

Feeder Quality
The ability of your feeder to properly take, feed and disperse documents could make up to +/- 30% of productivity.  Keep in mind that with some scanners more than others,  you have to clear paper jams, correct double feeds, or adjust the scanner properly to the type of documents you like to scan.

Endorser and Imprinter Functionality
A must in almost all legal and government applications, it allows you to make sure that you properly keep track of all documents that you scan.  Not all scanners have this capability.

Size of Feeder and Documents
For example, using DpuScan, our software of choice, if you can scan in Landscape format, with our software we can perform a 90 degree rotation "on the fly" and increase the scanner performance about 30%!

Support Maintenance
If there is a problem with your scanner, what kind of support does the company provide and how much do you have to pay to make sure your system stays up and running?

Multi-Function Scanners
If you are looking for scanners that offers users the ability to feed co-mingled checks, envelopes, tri-fold letters and legal size pages in a single batch please follow the links below:




It is KAB's Mission to help you to find the best Price/Performance ratio based on parameters other than dollars and speed!

Scanner Portfolio

Please find below the list of scanners currently offered by KAB (as of 12/01/2015 ).  Click on the Scanner model to get a brochure with more specific information about each scanner..
Manufacturer Scanner Model Type BITONAL     Simplex Speed pages/minute portrait COLOR  Simplex Speed pages/minute portrait
Agfa Scanners ADMIS S 61 Bitonal 168 N/A
ADMIS S 41 Bitonal 105 N/A

Canon Scanners
DR-2010C Color 20 20
  DR-2510C Color 25 25
  DR-4010C Color 42 42
DR-6010C Color 60 60
  DR-6050C Color 65 65
DR-6030C Color 80 80
  DR-7090C Color 70 70
DR-7550C Color 90 90
DR-9050C Color 112 112
DR-X10C Color 128 128
Fujitsu Scanners fi-6010 Color 20 20
fi-6130 Color 40 40
fi-6230 Color 40 40
fi-6140 Color 60 60
fi-6240 Color 60 60
fi-4340C Color 40 40
fi-55030C2 Color 70 70
fi-6670 Color 70 70
fi-6800 Color 100 100
fi-5950 Color 105 105
Kodak Scanners i30 Simplex Color 25 25
i40 Duplex Color 25 25
  i1120 Color 20 10
  i1210 Simplex Color 45 30
  i1220 Duplex Color 45 30
  i1405 Color 45 45
  i1310 Simplex Color 60 40
  i1320 Duplex Color 60 40
  i1420 Color 60 60
  i1440 Color 75 75
  i730 Color 90 90
  i4200 Color 100 100
  i750 Color 115 115
  i4600 Color 120 90
  i780 Color 130 130
  i5200 Color 140 140
  i1840 Color 160 160
  i5600 Color 170 170
  i1860 Color 200 200
  1860 Color 200 200
MF S 415 Bitonal 84 N/A
MF S 455 Color 84 84
MF S 615 Bitonal 112 N/A
  MF S 655 Color 112 112
  MF S 713 Color 130 130
  MF S 716 Color 160 160
MF S 720 Color 200 200

Panasonic Scanners
KV-S1025C Color 26 26
  KV-S1045C Color 40 40
KV-S3065CL Color 65 65
  KV-S4065CL Color 65 65
  KV-S5055C Color 75 75
  KV-S7075C Color 80 80
KV-S4085CL Color 85 85
  KV-S3105C Color 105 105
For a full, detailed report and comparison of the scanners we currently offer, make sure you check out our sorted scanner comparison charts by clicking here.


Scanner Performance


MSRP  Subject to Change Without Notice.

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