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2011, KAB

Last updated 12.01.2015


KAB offers an abundance of services in additional to the hardware and software packages we offer.  

Everyone can claim that they offer the best services as well as the best products, however we have the ammunition to back it up.  The expertise from the vast experience in software/hardware development from Janich & Klass combined with the experience in scanning system integration of our development team allows us to make the best recommendations for your specific situation.

Among the services we offer:

Expert Consulting

A member of our team will visit with you at your location and make a complete analysis of your potential scanning set-up, including the following:

bullet A full and complete analysis of the documents you wish to scan
bullet Speak with key personnel gain insight from members of your team as to what you wish to do with the images
bullet Develop a comprehensive, "ready-to-go" recommendation including hardware, software, integration and support, as well as the capabilities of the equipment and expected results (number of scans per day, personnel needed, etc.) 

Please note that we also have an online "Scanning System Wizard" that will make some general recommendations based upon your answers to several simple questions on your scanning needs.  Try it now by clicking on the icon to your left.

Full System Installation and Integration

Upon purchasing a scanning system solution from KAB, a member (or several depending on the situation) is available to come to your site and make a full system installation and integration, including installation of all hardware and software, and "personalizing" the scanning system to meet your requirements.:
Training By Expert Professionals

In addition to the installation of all equipment and software, it is important that the individuals responsible for operating the scanning system know how to use everything properly. Therefore we recommend that upon purchase of a KAB scanning system, that a highly qualified technician train scanning system personnel of the ins and outs of the hardware and software including how to operate the scan system, troubleshooting techniques and how to clean and care for the scan system.  The installation and training go hand in hand.

Personalized Technical Support*

Of course we realize that operating a complex scanning solution is easy.  That is why we provide personalized, phone or email technical support, many times speaking directly with the technician who installed your system on site.  

In addition, we have direct access to our team of engineers in Germany at Janich & Klass Computertechnik, when it relates to issues with DpuScan (our front-end capture software of choice); this direct access allows us to solve problems quickly and efficiently.  No more do you have to sit on hold for an hour only to talk to a technical support person that has no real insight into your specific problem and no insight into the development of the product.

*Please note that you must have a Support Maintenance Contract for email and phone technical support.