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Designed for all who would like to enter into the "paperless world" and are new to the high-speed or production scanning and document imaging area, our Scan Station Wizard™ will guide you to help evaluate and find  the Scanning Station best suited to meet your needs, according to your given requirements.   

Along the way, you will be asked several important questions (at right), and after  you have finished your evaluation, you will receive a summary of the important required parameters AND a printable proposal with different "ready to go" package options to  choose from.  The wizard will also offer some words of wisdom from the scanning experts at KAB Systems Inc. and recommendations to help you along the way.  

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Step 1: 
Document Type

Step 2: 
Color vs. Bitonal

Step 3: 
Simplex vs. Duplex

Step 4: 
Number of 
Documents to Scan

Step 5: 
Time Frame to 
Scan Documents

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