As the only Authorized System Partner of Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH and J&K Imaging for North America, we offer all of our scanning solutions using the capture suite, DpuScan.  We have chosen DpuScan because this front-end capture software has the following competitive advantages in today's high-speed document scanning marketplace:

No limitations

No "Click Fees"

DpuScan eliminates the added expense of per scan click fees and PDF royalties associated with other capture applications.  Feel free to scan to PDF and multi-page PDF without the worry of incurring these silly fees.

More built-in functionality

There is no comparable product on the marketplace that can match the wide assortment of built-in functionalities available with DpuScan - in color and/or bitonal scanning.  

User friendly

Point and Click.  With DpuScan even newcomers to document scanning can configure and set-up complex scanning applications without the need for code or proprietary scripting tools.

Better price

There's only one other software manufacturer that can provide users with comparable functionality to that of DpuScan and if you make that costly mistake, be prepared to pay at least twice as much as you would for DpuScan. 

Built to upload and integrate

DpuScan provides tools to integrate and upload scanned images and information into any database or document management system currently utilized.

General Scanning Functions:

- OCR, barcode and patchcode recognition "on the fly" make document separation, indexing, and filename generation a cinch with DpuScan.  Results can be displayed during the scan process and easily exported into any Document Management System.   Automatic document separation after a pre- defined number of sheets or by a white separator sheet is also possible.


- Image clean-up "on the fly" or in post-processing - DpuScan is comprised of many post-processing functions for enhancement of image quality, recognition of barcodes, and automatic text recognition (optical character recognition: OCR). Image enhancement offers functions such as despeckle, deskew, deshade, line removal, edge enhancement, and more. Post-processing jobs can be arranged in a network environment on unmanned stations that automatically post-process every scanned job.


- Advanced user dialog tools and user functions 

- Indexing
- Automatic statistics file generation
- Automatic batch file (upload) file generation
- Endorser controlling
- Bates stamping capabilities (text and/or graphic)
- Comfortable event rule scan process controls
- Scan to TIFF, multi-TIFF, PDF or multi-PDF

- Advanced QA and Modify opportunities

- Capture workflow and polling

- System integration interfaces such as XML, ASCII, SQL and DLL

- Universal upload interface to any database or DMS

- Licensing and Configuration Server

- Workflow Systems



Advanced Color Scanning Functions:


- Utilizes all functions listed above for bitonal scanning

- Upscaling, border removal, zoning and compression

- Sophisticated digital color filtering function

- Advanced color deskew to improve image and OCR quality 



Advanced Function Plug-Ins:


- 2D Barcode Scanning

- Signature Capture

- Face Snap Capture

- Image Splitter

- Auto Rotation

- OMR Optical Mark Recognition

- Classifications

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